KISS London 2017

​​So we went to KISS…

Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

1st Everyone knows who they are and I can’t imagine that someone in their right mind would not want to see them perform live. I mean, they have a strong reputation of being absolutely insane on stage.

2nd They actually live up to the expectations! I don’t know how many artists actually do, especially at their age. I’m just starting to think they’re immortal since not only do they look exactly like in posters and music videos (with the exception of a few neck wrinkles) but they also move like children who’ve had gallons of coffee on Halloween night. Gene was mental and the tongue was obviously present for 80% of the duration of the concert, which is what I wanted to see and more. Paul was engaging the audience at all times and being super energic and fun. Ace did a great guitar solo, while Peter was being cute and rocking the whole place with his drums. Overall I’d rate the concert 9000+/10. Won’t even mention the pyrotechnics since everyone knows KISS are famous for those. And they were amazing indeed. ​​

The only thing that left me disappointed was the fact that the O2 arena was not absolutely full! It gave us the opportunity to move closer to the stage, but it was rather disappointing to see so many empty seats in the back. It’s KISS, people! It’s a once in a lifetime kinda thing! Where were all the fans?? (Cannot ignore the fact that there were some absolutely adorable kids in costumes who made me feel like I wasn’t cool at all 😂)


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